Got a nice iOS app that works?

Hello all,

Does anyone have or know of a nice, working, iOS app made with bubble and a wrapper like BDK Native, that’s available on the us/canada app store?

I went through the BDK native gallery today and some other apps I could find on the forum.
Unfortunately only a handful was available in my region and none of the ones I was able to download really worked. In a few cases the sign up was broken, some weren’t responsive and didn’t work on smaller screens iphone6/8/SE. The ones that did work were unfortunately all very very slow and with broken UI here and there.

Before I’m going all in on my next project which would be a mobile app, feeling as native as possible without being native. I’m trying to get a feeling for what’s possible.

BDK seems to be the most promising wrapper out there with lots of nice native functions, but if you know of an app that used a different wrapper I’d love to get my eyes on that as well.

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I will start collecting apps I find here I think. Maybe it will be of help to someone else also looking for examples of well built apps :slight_smile:

did you decide to use BDK? I am debating between learning swift or do my app in bubble, thanks