Graphic issues with resizing images plus repeating group rendering

Hi guys, I’ve got 2 graphical issues with images and repeating groups:

  1. I have a repeating group by which I’m showing images uploaded by the proper Bubble’s specific object called “Picture Uploader”. In the repeating group I deployed an Image object and tried all the 3 options available in the Run-Mode rendering properties Panel referred to the resizing issues (they are Stretch, Resize, Adjust Element Height) but all of them brought me in some cases to show distorted images.

  2. When I show the data I noticed that the cells on the right are showing some elements misalignments with reference to the cells on the left.
    here an example about both points:

you can notice on the low-right end side the blu rectangle not aligned with the same element on the left
moreover you can notice the distoreted dog’s image on the right and here I can post the original’s dog picture for reference:


here another example:

displaying page has fixed width and Image element has the flag “Keep element Proportions as the element is resized”

How can I tune up my page fixing these issues?
Is there a way to hide the grey scroll bar on the right hand side of the repeating group’s window ?

Thanks for support. Regards

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