Group and element alignment issues


I am really struggling with alignment of groups and elements. How can right align items inside of a group? I also cannot find a way to have items bottom align without having to set a Y value?

There isn’t a way to attach elements to the edges of another element. If you want to align things a certain way, you must manually position them where you want them within the group.

So basically I have to make my application a fixed height and width, thus losing the benefit of the responsive abilities? That’s disappointing.

No, that’s not what I’m saying, what I’m saying is you have to manually move the elements where you want them, then use the responsive view to make the settings work how you want them to. There’s no automatic anchoring of elements to other elements


Ok, I will try to play around with this. I must say this aspect has never been so confusing as it is using bubble. I’ve tried several other tools that seemed much more intuitive.

Thanks for the prompt reply

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It’s definitely different. If you haven’t watched the responsive video, I highly recommend it

the 17 minute one? Yes, just did… it helps but also just confuses me more. I just get more hesitant to try bubble when something so seemingly simple to do is taking me so long. I need to focus on functionality and basic things like a simple header, navigation bar and footer that respect my dimensions are getting in the way.


Esse é um problema que o Bubble precisava resolver.
Ao contrário do todo o resto, a ancoragem dos componentes é muito complicada. O que voce ganha de tempo nas outras coisas voce gasta nisso

Hello. The solution I found is to leave no empty spaces between elements of a same group. Personally I chose to create empty elements (text fields without text inside) which I use to fill the empty spaces between the elements of the same line.