Group Break order

I want get all of the images in the attached screenshot to be positioned above the text when the site is viewed on mobile. so the top and bottom groups are breaking as they should because the image is before the text however the centre group “its completely free…” the image is breaking below the text. I need to change the break order of the centre group so the text breaks below the image and not the other way around.

At the moment at least, there’s no way to change the order of elements within a container dynamically or conditionally (let’s hope one day we can do that!!)…

So the simplest workaround is to add two image elements in the middle row, 1 in the first position in the row which is hidden on wider screen widths, and the other at the end of the row, hidden when the screen is narrower).

You might also be able to use some custom CSS to change the order instead (I haven’t tried it myself yes, but it might be worth a shot)

thanks - makes sense

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