Group data in categories, then show the weight of each data group as a percentage of total

I have an app where users rate shows. Rates go from 1 to 5 -I use the Star-Value input.

I want to show the data grouped by rate, then as a weight percentage within the total amount of rates.


“Show A” has 10 different ratings from 1 to 5:


So, there are 4 5-star ratings; 3 4-star ratings; 2 3-star ratings, 1 2-star rating; 0 1-star rating.


40% give a 5-star rating;
30% give a 4-star rating;
20% give a 3-star rating;
10% give a 2-star rating;
0% give a1-star rating.

Question is: how can I make this?

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Hey @rladrond,
Take a look at the new Group By feature that was announced by bubble about a week ago.


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