Group Focus bug

When I make a focus group show when an icon is clicked, it will show, but then it closes automatically whenever I click elsewhere on the page. Shouldn’t it just stay visible?

I’m following this tutorial:

At 6:25 once she clicks the magnifying glass her focus group stays visible and then she is able to re-type something else in her input field. However, I cant. Once I click on the search bar to type something else my focus group just automatically disappears. So I then have to click on the magnifying glass icon again to make the focus group re-appear.

This is throwing the functionality off and is soooo frustrating.

That is how the group focus element works, if you click somewhere else on the page it will disappear. The only reason to why her group stays visible, is because she clicks on the element that shows the group focus.

interesting, so the user has to start the highlighting of the text in the input field from having their cursor over the focus group and delete the text in the field all at once, after it’s been highlighted.

So what if a user just re-clicks into the input field(search box) and deletes the text one character at a time. Is there a way to make the focus group stay visible as they’re doing so? So it’s not so finicky.

The reason I’m asking is because it won’t allow me to make the focus group appear when the input is focused. Even when I do it exactly how she is doing it by slaving it to the shape being visible.

Once a user has focused an input, writing doesn’t affect the group focus. Here’s a super easy example:

Group the input and the magnifier and when a user clicks on the group, show the group. Easy as that.

Mine won’t do that. That’s the problem…

When I click into the input field(search box) the shape appears, but the focus group does not. Mine is not functioning the same, hence why I think it’s a bug…

Could you share a public editor link?

I rather not allow everyone access to my app =/


When I click and start typing in the box it will not show the focus group. Sometimes it will show for a millisecond, but then it automatically disappears.

I also know it’s a bug because if I place the cursor into the search box and start typing nothing will appear, but if I keep it in the search box and change my browser to a different tab to look at any other page and come back to the page with the search function, it is then visible. It’s so weird…

Is your shape not visible by default? It would need to be not visible on page load for the “do when” event to trigger each time its visibility condition kicks in

The shape is set to not visible on page load. For some reason if click on the input field before typing something into the input field(search bar) the “shape” will appear, but the “group focus” will NOT. However, if I type something and leave it in the input field, then I go to a different tab in my browser and come back to the page it will make the “group focus” visible all of a sudden.

Here is a step-by-step of what is happening

Step #1:

Step #2:

As you can see, I have the workflow set up correctly, but it isn’t showing up like it’s suppose to…

Also, if I type in a users name, in the input then click out of the input field anywhere else on the page and then back into the input field with the users name still typed in the search box, it will make the “group focus” flash for a half a second before automatically disappearing again. It’s just a little blip of time that it shows the search results every time i click in and out of the input field.

Something else it will do. If I type a users name in the search field, the focus group won’t appear, but if I click out of the search box and back in again and hold my mouse button down, the focus group will show for as long as I’m holding my left mouse button down. WEIRD!!

…At this point it has to be a bug

I just checked my Chrome browser and it’s up to date, so I doubt it’s a compatibility discrepancy

Why complicate things?



This was the solution dude, thanks everyone for taking the time to help me. It’s much appreciated!!

@romanmg – you’re awesome


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