Group focus, keep open?

Hi, any idea or way to keep the “group focus” open until the close button or something similar is clicked?


I tried a few ideas e.g. using a custom state and a workflow to run everytime - but unfortunately when a user clicks off (and the group focus is visible) it will hide it, even though this isnt registered as a workflow event via the debugger. The group focus is also limited on the conditions for the element e.g. “this element is visible on page load”

The easy way round would be to just use a group if possible and use some custom states or toggle workflows to achieve.

It may be possible though to keep the group focus open all the time with some javascript, but I’m not sure of the route to be honest. Would make a handy feature to keep the focus fixed I agree.


Hey, thanks for the help. The problem with the other group element is that it mess up the elements when it opens. Is there any settings for group element to make it float like the group focus? Thanks.

A good example of what I am trying to achieve is the menu button next to search at the top of this forum.

Perhaps try using the ‘Floating Group’ element, this might do the trick as it doesnt seem to interfere with nearby elements and floats above them, like a different z-index.

Try something like this and see if it works:

Just make sure that the floating group is set to Nothing.


Hope this helps.