Group focus responsive width

just learning new responsive editor and a question came up.
i have a reusable in a cell of my repeating group so that when i click the link icon a group focus opens below it, with an input to optionally add a link.

how do I make the width of this row the same as the width of the repeating group cell / other inputs shown?

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Hey @TipLister !

Learning the new responsive engine here too!

I know that you are one of the best Bubblers around and you have helped many folks. I am for one very appreciative of your great tips and guides!!

I have one “tip” now for you. :smiley:

Watch this video and most of your new-responsive-engine learning may be shortened substantially (this is THE BEST learning resource in the Bubble ecosystem, in my opinion, to learn the new responsive engine) (kudos and thanks to @MattN !):

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hi Carlos, thank you for your kind words.
I have watched this video already but maybe cos I dont get it, I could not find inspiration how to answer my question above.


Responsive fixes are usually intricate even under the new engine.

Airdev’s Canvas template has been recently updated to the new engine. You can create a test app with their free template and explore how the settings are configured to deal with RG nested reusable group focus elements. These are used everywhere in Canvas. By studying how responsiveness is handled you will likely find the answer to your use case. :smiley: