Group not visible in Development but is in Prod

Only recently happened. I have a group with a toggle in it and that group is across many popups (it is not reusable). The group does not show in DEV. I move the toggle and text outside the group and it is fine. I deploy to live and it there isn’t an issue.
I created another group and that works in development. Any ideas?
The group is not visible in the inspector.
Thank you.

It is like the group is a black hole. It is the same across about 50 pop ups and I know I didn’t change anything across all of them. You can see the toggle outside the group and a piece of text inside the group below it. The text in the group does not appear.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 4.51.28 PM

Closing - a condition I had forgotten about got triggered!

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