Grouping by doesn't support data through external data?

Hello there !
I’m currently working on a cartography system wich fetch its data from air table and others API.
That mean that all the data that i’m working with, doesn’t match with bubble since it’s loaded on air.

Today i need to implemend a chart system, but i’ve noticed that when the data doesn’t go trought bubble’s database, some options aren’t avialable trought these processes.
For exemple the Group by doesn’t show up any option since they can’t be loaded

Here is an example of the rendered data

Do you guys have any trick for this ?

Thanks for your help

Do not know how to use full Bubble’s functionality without a database.

Have you considered dumping the data in Bubble once and then build connections to keep it synced?

Or just have Bubble manage everything. If it is AT the max are 50k records so it would seem that this is a route you could follow. Bubble can handle more,

Hello cmarchan
I’ve considered this options but i have way to mutch data and lines in the database, so it would realy not realy match, since it will break all the connection

Anyway thanks for your help

That is why I suggested to have Bubble handling things without a third party software. In other words … replacing your current tool.

Hello Antoine, same problem here with Airtable, did you find a way out finally ?

Thanks !

Have you considered a different backend or using a custom code solution?

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Hello Bastien !
The way to use the group by function is to store the data tough Bubble Database,
You have to create a table that contain the data that you have stored into your database, then when you read it you should be able to use the group by function

Does anyone know why this isn’t available? Would it require extra indexing power Bubble’s just not ready to invest in yet? Curious, such a key feature for the lazy ones x)

Since this time, does anyone has found a solution ? I am currently using airtable APIs but so many native features are missing like the Group by…