Gym / Fitness coaching Webapp (template)

Hello Bubblers,

I developed this Gym / Fintess template. I would love to know your feedback. Thanks :slight_smile:

Its also optimised for mobile / tablet screens :

I think centering should be applied on “we choose us”, “coaches” and “what people say” sections

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Hi @Levon. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to make sure I got it. Are you speaking about this gap in the below screen shot ? Also are you accessing on a full size screen ?

–Testing tip for fellow Bubblers –

Bubble’s reposnsiveness shows up to 1290 px and if your screen is also not high-resolution then you cannot pick sone of the visual issues.

So use this site to test your app on different screens so it looks as good on all screens.

Here is how it looks on my screen / responsiveness :

But here is how it looked on higher res screens, leaving empty space. I realised only afte seeing it through this website. Its fixed now.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Is this template still available somewhere? I think it’s pretty cool and would love to use it.

Hey All, we just launched new fitness club template.
Maybe somebody will need it after quarantine ))

Stay safe !