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Hackathon to build a board/card game


I am planning an internal hackathon in my company to build a board/card game similar to Monopoly, but played as single player mode only (for now). It will be part of a non-profit project to provide unprivileged high school students with financial education. The game will have:

  • Three card decks
  • A dice roll
  • A board where the player will move along
  • Besides individual board with score, investments, account, etc.

Do you have ideas or examples that could help us? I am more concerned about the responsiveness of the board and how to build the dice.

There is also a concern about how to manage a single Bubble project made by many people, but I think this is more about project management rather than technology skills. Any thoughts would be appreciated anyway.


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I think @J805 may be able to chime in. He built an interesting game!


Thanks for mentioning, @cmarchan! I had already seen his game and game builder, which are awesome! Although I have not seen any dice there I am sure he would have creative ideas. This kind of example makes me more confident about the possibilities with Bubble.


Hey @jmsbrpoa,

I do think it is possible. Just takes a lot of thought. It might take a while to build, but it should be fun. :blush: Just post when you get stuck on something and we will see if we can help you along.

Thanks @cmarchan for the mention. :+1:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Ohh good idea. The board/card game is really a very interesting game. We all are played these games in our childhood.

Sounds perfectly doable.
I have also built a couple of games using bubble.
One is a supporting tool for playing roleplaying games remotely (like D&D) called BattleMap (
The other one I built was just to showcase that the same principle applies to other board games like Ludo and such - pieces, a board and the possibility to move around on the board as needed.

As @J805 said, post when you need help and we’ll try and help out.