Handling EU VAT

Hi there,

Has anyone built a flow Bubble and Stripe, that looks up VAT-numbers in VIES and charges appropriate EU VAT?

I’m wondering if it is even possible at this time?

Hi Kristian,

Interested to hear if you got any support on this or found out something more to solve this issue?

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Yes, [Plugin] VAT Number Validation & EU Rates

I use it and it works very well!

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I made it work, but there are some invoicing issues that I think cannot be resolved with the current Stripe plugin.

I can add the right taxes, but I need to apply tax id’s to invoices, and print ‘reverse charge vat applies’ on certain invoices. This I still haven’t cracked.

Thx guys for your support - appreciate it!

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I made a plugin for it.

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Not sure if this helps but I struggled to find a solution for something similar,

Hello @kristianravn,

We’ve just released a plugin in order to reply exactly to what you expect.
The plugin is called Beanie : https://bubble.io/plugin/beanie-checkout-tax-calculation-1606995303111x405597911537680400
It allows you to calculate VAT/GST/Sales Tax on-the-fly, and apply the right tax rate for every item sold, validate customer VAT numbers, without any line of code.

Hope it’ll help you :slightly_smiling_face: