Has anyone run tens of thousands of recurring workflows at once?

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I’m asking around to see if anyone has run tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of recurring workflows at once time. The app will be on a dedicated server and every week there will be a few tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand recurring workflows scheduled for the exact same time. Does bubble understand how to execute these in batches or do I need to make that logic myself?

Looking to answer this question before the whole app crashes… haha

Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Never done it, but I’ve always seen people saying they do them in batches with spacing between. That many might take a long time.

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The question is really how long. If it takes several hours, that’s okay. If it takes a few days, then no :frowning:

Hundred thousand workflows?

Like what are you doing lol? And why can’t you run stuff at different times?

Process a payment every Sunday night @ midnight, can’t run at different times because it’s supposed to be predictable for the users (complicated situation) but the fact is it must start sunday night. And yeah, hundred thousand or even more

note: on dedicated server. Just want to make sure its possible, even if its expensive

Yeah someone else will have to give you feedback, but I’m thinking that’s pretty rough.

You will certainly want to talk to bubble support.

I haven’t done any payment stuff yet, but is there a chance you can queue up the charge at the payment gateway, so it’s not all happening at the same time… And in the event you need to cancel a transaction, then that’s simpler and can stop that specific queued transaction?

Just a thought, not sure if that’s a thing or not.

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Yeah they just haven’t gotten back to us, I hope there is someone here on the forums who has been in this situation who can shed some light

Are you using stripe?

Their API is rate limited to 100/s. Now I’m fairly certain bubble can’t meet that anyway, but keep API rate limits in mind regardless.

I would love to be proven wrong though.

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Just check whos online and use some of their client’s processing power :smirk:

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Not Stripe, I’m using a much more sophisticated API service (no offense stripe, but you suck) we are using moov.io

Lol not going to work

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Lol… So I’m going to throw irony your way. Your more sophisticated API is rate limited to 40/s.

So regardless of how fast bubble can go, you are limited to that at a minimum.

So you can do 144,000 in one hour if you perfectly max out your rate limit and bubble.

Please let us know how this goes… Super interested.

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I wasn’t referring to the API rate, I just mean Stripe is old and it shows. The customer support is not great and it doesn’t offer the kind of features I need. 144,000 is definitely fine, now it’s up to bubble

Bubble got back to me and informed me there’s no theoretical limit. It should just hit your CPU usage.