Healthcare Domain UI/UX Design Consulting - Freelancer, Must be US-Based

We’re looking for help on a short term, part time basis as we work to improve the UI/UX of a health plan operations application.

US-Only (HIPAA requirements)

Bubble skills are secondary to domain knowledge (Health Plan Operations, Healthcare Claims Data, Pharmacy Claims Data) and design skills. While it is definitely a plus to be able to implement the designs you work on yourself, we have a team that’s also capable of doing that. But we are struggling to get a handle on what the right UI/UX design is in this particular domain area.

Interested? Drop me a note via forum DM.

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Hey @lostsheep :wave:

All of our developers are in the United States. I will drop you a DM to see if we might be a good fit. :blush:

Hi @lostsheep,

I can really help you with this. Please check my DM. Thanks. :slight_smile: