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Help! CSS breaks bubble functionality (Repeating group vertical scroll not working)

Whenever I add a CSS class (through Attribute ID-field) to a ‘vertical scroll’ - repeating group, it stops loading new cells when scrolling. I can see the first 2 cells of the RG, but when I scroll down, no new cells are being loaded. I just added a simple css ‘height: 100vb !important;’ in order to adjust the RG’s height to the viewport. Can someone please help? It’s driving me crazy. Tried various workarounds, but whenever i add CSS, something somewhere breaks. :(((

Been trying and researching for 30 hours straight.
And 20 minutes after screaming for help in bubble forum i finally found the solution :smiley: Whenever CSS conflicts with bubble workflows, you just have to dynamically remove the class via {removeClass:} and put it back on after workflow with {addClass}. Simple as that! I won’t delete this thread. Maybe someone will find this helpful. Thank you for reading haha

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Wow, you did really good. I also think someone will find this useful. I did not know this. :+1:

You should clarify that you are using the Classify plugin so others don’t get confused.


Can you please tell me step by step how to apply it? I don’t have CSS practice yet