Help me build a plugin for the community

Hello. Since there is no plugin for displaying or embedding e-Books in bubble, I want to build a plugin so the community and I can use it for free. I am not that much of a coder. I don’t know where to start. Can anybody help me out?

Here is the library I am going to use:

It’s great idea. How would you propose to use the plug in?

Well, you can use it if you are building an e-book store where users can view the books. It depends on one’s creativity. The website creater just needs to drop a frame (element box) and send the book’s data to that frame. I think it will be very useful for the community. It will save someone’s time who is trying to build a book store or someone who doesn’t want to use the pdf viewer. I am thinking of making this plugin capable to display e-books or PDFs but in a book way.