🤯 HELP! OAuth between Bubble Apps

Hy Guys!

I assumed that it will be easy, but didn’t find a way to do it :roll_eyes:

Basically, I want that my users from App1 (app that stores all my users) can be able to log in my App2 (other app from my company) using their credentials from App1.

I don’t want to obly them to have another register in App2. The App2 will be used ONLY by users from App1.

Any ideas?!?!


Thinking out loud here…

Could you have an iframe with the login page of app1 in app2 and via the app connector have a trigger that when a user is logged in to app1, log them in to app2?

This method still works:

Thanks for the sugestion @equibodyapp, but I don’t think this is going to work, but your sugestion opened another possibilities that I can explore… Bubble should have this option. We already can log user ins using Google, Facebook, Linkedin and etc… I tought it will be something easy to do…


Looks promising!
I will check it out!

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