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Help on "Extract with regex" funcion

Dear Bubblers,
I need extract more than one strings of a description and create separated things for each one. See image attached the each string is highlighted on yellow.
So I need to have five differents things for each yellow string.
Someone could help me on this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!


So you need to split on @ and the get rid of commas and spaces, and ignore before the first @

The “Extract with regex” operator does not support capturing groups. It just returns the matches. So after playing around with positive look behinds on regex101 the following regular expression will return the list items: (?<[email protected])[^,]*. Breaking down the explanation in reverse order:

  • [^,]* match zero or more * characters [] that are not ^ commas ,
  • (?<[email protected]) and is (?) preceded <= by an at symbol @
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Exactly!!! :+1:

Thanks, I’ll try it.