Help Video TOO small, update website code to allow user to change

Hey folks, I LOVE using Bubble. I’m only using it right now to play around and learn, but one day I may have a need to use it for a production purpose.

Anyway, the video are great. I love that they are short and to the point, but my gosh they are WAY TOO SMALL. I usually have to hit the F12 and modify the code through the inspector in the browser, but it’s a huge pain in the rear. Could you possibly modify the settings in your CSS to allow us to make the video full size on our screen, or at least be able to modify their size to something other than 2"x2".

It would be a HUGE help! Keep up the great work!!!

Video can be full screen. We embed youtube and vimeo clips use the HTML element and then simply copy the embed code within it. I’m pretty sure there’s more detailed explanations of this set-up in the forums if you’re interested. Best of luck!