Help with data NOT showing?

Hello there. I am trying to get my data to show up, I have registered ie signed up etc, finished the whole product, now I am road testing it, but for some reason I cant seem to get data to show up? Any one know why please?

Could someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks

Ps:- This is all I have showing up. I tried it in live version as well but still the same showing as blank?? HELP URGENTLY please. Thanks

Yeah that is the problem im referring too bud.

Did you read the response in that thread? Make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%, bud.

yeah unfortunatly mine dont work still…

That’s been the solution to at least a dozen or more of these threads out here… if it didn’t work for you, you probably need to file a bug report.

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Yeah finally fixed it! What twit I am lmao. Thanks man

Nah, you’re definitely not a twit… this one trips up a lot of folks because there is no way to tell that it has anything to do with your zoom setting. Glad you got it worked out… best of luck with your product!

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