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I am back to Bubble after a couple months’ hiatus, and starting from scratch (read: total noob). I want to display buttons from a database . The database is called “Right side menu” and I have two “Menu options”. I created a repeating group on the right side with two rows (that’s as many buttons as I want to have displayed), and inserted a button in the top row. Then I selected the Right Side Menu’s Menu name to show in the text for the button . For example “Sign up for email”. But while it is showing up on the dev page, it doesn’t show up on the preview page. help!

DEv page

Preview page

I guess your repeating group is using type “Right side menu” whats your data source expression for the RG?

Any specific reason to display buttons from the database. If there are just 2 and they aren’t going to change, then I suggest using buttons directly instead of using a RG.

However, in case you need to use them, make sure there is data in those rows and that you are not showing these buttons in rows of another RG that has empty rows.

Hope this helps.



Thank you, I figured out my basic mistake - I forgot to add “Search for” field. Duh ! Thanks!!

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Yes, I agree. The thing is I am not sure how all the various buttons are going to play out, so while I am designing the look and flow, I figured the easy way to do it would be with a repeating group dynamically populated from a database of “button” options. If there is a better way for the interim design I 'd love to know. Thank you!

I recommend to add the required number of buttons directly. Repeating group fetches data when it loads which takes some effort. Assuming you will have other repeating groups on the page, it is best to avoid any unnecessary repeating groups when not required

Thanks, I am switching to just adding buttons. Thank you. Next i need to dd the drop down menu functionality, thanks much!

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