Help with Docusign Plugin

Hey guys!

Anyone tried Docusign Plugin yet? Pardon my newb question, what do I fill in as the API Domain for the Docusign plugin?

And where can I see the functions I can use for this plugin?

I’m trying to implement an esignature app for my company.

Please advice. :confused:

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The api domain allows you choose between the demo ( and production ( versions of the API.
Once you created an API with them as shown at and got the certification, you should set it to - in the meanwhile please use

To use the plugin create a Link, set it to External URL and set the destination URL to Get Data from external API and (after installing the plugin) choose Get Docusign Embedded URL.
Make sure to enter your page’s URL as the return url, and your Envelope ID - to get the latter select the document in the DocuSign interface and copy the ID after /details:
(in this case I’d copy dd80befd-65c3-4a67-b7ef-1b594173cf61 - make sure to use your own, this one won’t work)

We are updating the reference with this information soon!


Is there an updated version of this yet?




thanks for your great help in this forum so far! Quick question: Is there any way to prepopulate docusign document with fields from bubble app? Like Name and Email Address?



Did you ever figure this out?

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Hello, I followed this tutorial but I still get the error " A value was not found for parameter ‘userName’
Not sure where I would add this parameter?


Alternatively does anyone know where I could find a dev to build a better DocuSign plugin? Would be amazing and I’m sure a lot of users will find it useful. Willing to pay.



nope, unfortunately never figured this out! Please let me know in case you found a solution.


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Docu sign extended is avalable

its seems , now, is runing ok.

Hi George,

Does the DocuSign plugin by Bubble still work and are these instructions still valid?

If my trial with DocuSign has expired, is that the reason that my DocuSign API is not working in bubble? Thank you!