Help with header elements extending onto new line

Very new to bubble, have been playing with groups and fixed width settings but no matter what I do I can not seem to get this part to work. It seems to keep the width of the hidden element from as far as I can tell. I am also aware of the trick to use a shape in between elements to possibly remedy this. I have tried placing a transparent shape in different spots but that does not seem to work either.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Have watched most of the guides available on youtube.

This one should be worth your while. It is a 2 hour workshop full of gold nuggets.

I should mention I have specifically watched this one. I think I need to add a shape in somewhere but I have tried playing around for many many hours and cant seem to get anywhere.

Build a new page from scratch and test at “every” step

The video projects one main concept:

Responsiveness is about a good structure. Once your”play” by the way the responsive engine works you should be good to go.

I have built and rebuilt this page many times and am currently trying again as we speak. Any help is appreciated, thanks for the try though!

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Things you already know:

  • do not stack elements over each other
  • do your math
  • start from the absolute foundation (like a house) and build it up from there
  • do not worry about the height of your page in the editor
  • etc etc

Here another excellent video showing how to build a structure (this one is more of a walkthrough than a tutorial):

Sounds good in theory yes, bubble does have some weird charictericts that require work arounds that not even someone experienced with responsive would be aware of. Like I said multiple times I think I need to add a transparent shape in-between two elements as seen on the public bubble app Meta_public | Bubble Editor. I will keep playing but if anyone can provide any insight into why this is happening would save me a bunch of headache.

That looks like a good video, ill watch. Thank you!

Oops … I actually meant this one (but the prior one is very good too)


Watched the video but I am still struggling to solve this. Anyone that could help me understand what I need to do to make this work would be awesome!

Another possible assist: