Help with intersecting lists

Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could receive some help.

I have a list of entries which has entries like “Car100” or “Boat200” and another that has entries like “Car”, “Boat” and “Plane” and I want to intersect them even though there arent completely identical entries. I mean there are but the others just have numbers. When I trim the first list with Regex I get a good intersect but I need to keep the numbers.

In conclusion my question is, are there ways to intersect similiar entries and not completely identical ones?

I looked around the forum for the topic but I haven’t been able to find anything.
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hey @inception.internatio it depends on your use case but you could try running the intersect as a filter on the list with numbers attached that is extracted from regex . This means that you are calculating the intersect on each item (running lots of calculations) and if it is a match, to return this item.

Downside of this is that it won’t be suitable for large lists and is running client side - you could experiment to see if similar logic would run on a server side query. but it depends on your use case.

rough example below:

Does that help?


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