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Hi All. Im fairly new to bubble. Have gone through the lessons and have built a few pages on my own, so I have a general idea of how to build apps with bubble, but naturally I’m still a beginner.

I’m trying to build a sort of hybrid between a linkedin and reddit (that’s the best way I can describe it?)

The idea is people can sign up and create profiles for their businesses, from which they can post updates (like a micro blog, so to speak). However the site also has a reddit style forum that’s intrinsically linked to the profile pages of companies. Basically everytime someone makes a post about their company, it’s actually creating a post on the reddit type forum, that is then also displayed on their profile page (My posts section).

Other people will then be able to respond to the post and there can be discussions, upvote/downvote etc. The part im stuck with is that forum bit. How do i go about doing that? I’ve tried looking through bubble plugins, but haven’t found something suitable.

@shriram welcome to the community!

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hmm i dont know how i missed this! Let me run through this and see how to adapt it to my site’s concept, since its a hybrid of reddit and linkedin.

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