Help with running repeated API workflows and passing on data from previous run


My app receives data (transactions) that is broken out into smaller blocks - each block has an identifier for the last transaction in that block (i.e. cursor), so that I can use it to pick up the next block of data.

What I need to do is to is to run a series of API workflows on a list and pass the identifier (cursor) from the first instance of the API workflow to the next.

One way I was able to make it work is to create a loop (i.e. “when do every 5 seconds”) and keep running API workflows until I reach the end (i.e. cursor is “null”). With each API workflow, I record the cursor in a database and then use the sort function to pick up the latest one in the next instance of the API workflow.

While this approach works, it’s very slow and inefficient as (1) I have to record “cursors” and sort a database every time an API workflow runs.

I figured there must be a better way to run repeating API workflows on a list using the loop function in javascript - can anyone please help me with the syntax/logic to make it work?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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