Help with "scroll to" action inside reusable element

I have a challenge in using reusable elements.
I chose to use them for performance improvement, but I can’t get them to have the same performance as if all the content and workflow were on a regular page.

The content consists of groups that become visible as the custom states change in a customizable event, which are fed by options that appear in a floating group in the footer.
In each custom event I have a “scroll to” for the last group that was visible.
This works perfectly on a regular page.

I’m working with a group, which, when visible, triggers the reusable element through the “Satellite” plugin.
However, in the reusable element, this “Scroll to” dynamic does not happen, the floating group is even lost at the bottom of the page as the groups become visible and fill the space.

I thought it was a simple thing to adjust the size of the group that contains the reusable element and I tried numerous variations, but without success.
Could someone give me a divine light on this case and make the scroll to effect work inside the reusable element as well?


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