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Help with tracking QR codes

Hey everyone! I need some help with QR codes.
My use case is something like logistics management.
There will a QR code on the product,
When the people at Warehouse scans it, they have a button to add it to their warehouse
When a delivery agent scans it, he/she can add it to his/her delivery bag
When a user scans it, he should see data with no functionalities.
We’re thinking of generating QR codes outside of the Bubble. Is this tracking even possible in Bubble?
If yes, someone please guide me through the process.

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Hey @maheshkasindi

I enjoy working with QR codes. Fun times!

There are probably a bunch of different ways to do this. Here is one example:

Set a data type called a product. The code will store the product information in the url.

If the warehouse worker is logged in as a type ‘warehouse worker’ then you can trigger a product status change to ‘at warehouse’ and save the warehouse to it from the user that scanned it.

Then when the delivery driver is logged in, the user type for him could be ‘delivery agent’ and then if they scan it, you could have a workflow that changes the product status to ‘out for delivery’ or something.

Then when the customer scans it, they don’t have to be logged in but they will see the product information and tracking information if you want.

I would save the status of the product as an option set.

You can also create a history of each time it’s scanned by the logged in users too. So everyone knows where it’s at in the process.

Anyways, that’s my first thought. If anyone else has some ideas, they could chime in as well.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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This sounds great. Thank you so much for your time man.
Have you worked on something like this before?
If yes, which plugin did you use to scan?

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Yeah, I have worked a lot with QR codes. I always throw them in there if I can. :blush:

I use this to generate the QR code normally. Colour QR Code Generator Plugin | Bubble

Then to scan, I usually let the user just use his camera. But I have also used this one with clients. QR Code Scanner Plugin | Bubble

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I’ve installed the same plugin and got it working halfway. I’m getting this satisfactory beep sound indicating that the QR code is successfully scanned but not getting any data on the screen.
If you have time, do you mind sharing some screenshots of the Workflow you’ve implemented?
So far, I’ve created a QR which has Product ID in the URL as
I have datatype “product” which stores all the information related to each product
Sorry for being naive here.

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No problem. I think you are probably missing the workflow that says something like. When a QR code is scanned… then go to external page.

Under workflows, add a new workflow. Not based off of an element. Hope that makes sense. :blush:

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So far, I’m able to display the contents of the QR code. It is displaying the URL that is encoded in that QR. After displaying, I’ve created a Workflow,
Open an external website and the URL is “QRCodeScanner A’s content”
But it doesn’t seem to be working. Am I missing something?

Hey @maheshkasindi

Here is the example for you to look at.

Scan a QR code from this page on your phone:

Create a QR code from this page on your computer:

Check out the workflow for when you scan a QR code here: 805testapp42 | Bubble Editor

It’s the workflow in green.

Hope that helps a bit. :blush:


Hey man, I’ve been quite successful working with QR codes with all your guidance. I’m having an small issue now.
Whenever an user scans a QR code, I’m doing some processing through Workflows and then the user will scan the next QR code. When the user first scans the code, everything works well but when they open the scanner again, it shows a dark screen instead of camera view but the scanner is working. Have you faced any similar issues?

Hey @maheshkasindi :wave:

Glad you are getting it to work for you. Is there a reset workflow that you can use?

If not, I think I had to refresh the page after each scan. I would try asking the plugin creator if they can put a reset workflow into the plugin. I think it might be as easy as a checkbox. I really don’t know though. :man_shrugging:

Not sure if this checkbox would do it or if there needs to be some added code in the plugin, I really haven’t built plugins yet. :blush:

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