Help with with basic internal links

Hi, newb here.

I have three main pages: index, categories and a content page. No user account, log ins etc

I’ve set the correct ‘type’ to each page, now I’m trying to create links from the index to specific category pages.

What ‘data to send’ am I supposed to select?

Please help, thanks

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You need to specify which Category to send, usually done through a “This Parent Group’s Category” or, if it’s a repeating group, “Current Cell’s Category”

Thanks, then how do I set the parent groups category to a specific category?

It really depends on how your app is set up. Can you share the link to your editor with the permissions set to “anyone can view?” That’ll allow the community be able to provide insights here. thanks

So it looks like you don’t have any Categories or links set up on the page yet.

What would probably recommend is creating a repeating group of Sub Categories, with a data source of “Do a search for Sub Categories”. Then, in each cell, put a Link element. Set the link to go to “internal page” of “sub_category.” For additional data to send, choose, “Current Cell’s Sub Category”

Does that help?

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Sweet, thanks a lot, understanding it bit by bit