HELP! Your browser was unable to load the application data. We've been notified of the issue. Please try again in a few moments and make sure not to use ad-blockers

My app is perfect! Everything working… It’s in stores and users are installing it, creating accounts…
Yesterday I received a message that when I opened the application this error appeared: Your browser was unable to load application data. We have been notified of the issue. Please try again in a few moments and make sure you don’t use ad blockers.
Someone gave me a negative review on Apple and reported the same error…
On my iPhone (connected) everything working.
I went to check the url and it doesn’t really open! We don’t know what to do, we try to clear the cache, all browsers are like this… Incognito window, I tried everything!

This error only happens on a certain page with the user logged out.

I’ve read about it here on the forum but I couldn’t identify the problem, I reported the bug in the system and I’m still waiting.
Can someone help me? Thanks

Please leave a screenshot and any errors you may see in the console here, and I’ll try to help :slight_smile:

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Uploading: Captura de Tela 2022-07-05 às 00.01.07.png…

If you say this is happening on live check out the Server Logs.

If you can track down exactly when the error occurred, maybe you’ll find some errors or something weird happening here. Also, if you “Inspect” the page when error occurs check the console for errors and the network tab. If you see any 404 or 403, or something like that, post it here.

Everything was ok! Today the page in question worked like magic again… No one responded to the bug report to explain the problem.
Thank you so much for your time and help @jonah.deleseleuc

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You’re welcome. Glad you figured it out

I ran into this screen once today while developing. I have not ever seen it before.

Refreshing the page made it go away, but it’s a bit disconcerting.

It was on an older device that had just booted up from sleep mode on questionable strength WiFi, so those factors may have contributed. (I keep an older crappy computer handy to “stress test” how my Bubble app loads while developing new features :sweat_smile:)

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I had the same one.
When I checked out the network tab (browser’s console), I saw a broken JS script file. It looks like, in some cases, the system has an issue with building the JS files. But it rebuilds after a bit.

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