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Here Social Media built with Bubble!

I am happy to announce a fantastic social media app that is unique in every way from what’s out there right now. It is being processed for the app store as we speak, and is, unfortunately, not available for download just yet.

I do, however, think that when it does come out, you will all be interested in the features that have been built only on Bubble.

Learn more, and then (of course) be a friend with Here on Facebook!


Very cool! I really like that idea, I wish you plenty of success.

I had an idea a couple years ago while a friend was driving during a long road trip. Wouldn’t it be cool to connect to other people on the road through my device and play games or chat with them? Would something like this be possible with Here?


Thank you!! I really appreciate that.

That’s very similar to how I thought of this app. I’m sure this could be done a lot like how I created my app. Just the games part may be a bit difficult–the users could definitely talk to each other, though. Hmm…

That’s a great idea for an app, however. I would download it! :smile:


Very nice. Well done!

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Thank you!! I really appreciate that!

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