Hey guys, I need your help

Please help me here

I’m trying to get the RSVP’s Dropdown’s value to appear on the RSVP field of the user data type but i can’t

How can I go about this?

Hi there, @lindamakachi… so the name is saving but the dropdown’s value isn’t? What type of field is the attending field and what does the setup of the dropdown look like?


Hi too.
Yeah, other fields are saving except the dropdown’s value. For attending, the field type is Attending.
I can’t figure out a suitable way of linking the User data type with the R.S.V.P data type

You’re going to need to share a lot more screenshots (including the dropdown setup that I already mentioned) or a read-only link to your editor if you want some help here.

Here we go.

I am trying to get the RSVP’s response to appear on the User, attending field. I know I’ve quite mixed myself up. I can’t figure out how to make things work

I assume Attending is an option set?

You probably want the field type of the attending field to be R.S.V.P. Then, create a thing in the R.S.V.P data type and have a second step that sets the user’s attending field to the newly-created thing.


Sorry, It is an option set

The rest of my last reply is likely what you need to do. Delete your existing attending field on the User data type and create a new attending field with a field type of R.S.V.P.. Then, try to do what I said.

okay. Lemme try and see how it goes

Quite didn’t work. I guess I didn’t quite get you well. Lemme just take a break and will fix this later

I don’t now exactly what you are trying to do, but in general, if a user RSVPs and you create a new thing in the R.S.V.P. data type, the thing is already associated with the user through the built-in Created by field. You can also link that thing directly to a user through a field on the User data type, and that is what I described.

If you are trying to do the whole thing through the signup workflow, then have a step that signs the user up, have the next step create a new thing in the R.S.V.P. data type, and have a third step that populates a field on the User data type with the result of the step that created the new thing.