Hide Element On Click Anywhere

Hey guys,

I’m trying to add a normal UX interaction practice to my web app.

When my account menu is opened, I want to be able to click anywhere other than the account menu div and close this element.

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Why are you showing me code?

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thats how

What should I do with the code?


I want a way to create it without code. That’s why I’m using Bubble.

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Hi there,

You can use a Group Focus element to accomplish this, simply replace that menu group you have there with a Group Focus.

You can also accomplish this smoothly with “Replace by another element”



I don’t understand how to use the element. It’s locked into the top left corner of my screen.

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You have to anchor to another element, that’s a requirement. Then you can use the vertical and horizontal offsets to adjust the group


You’re a BEAST BRO.

Thanks so much man.


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