Hide Empty (Null) value when Formatting for no condition (format as text)

Hello there!

I’m having and issue here on my list with a boolean format as text condition. For the Yes condition I call the data and works fine, but for the No condition I need it to be empty, and even after erase any content in there it keeps filling my result with a line break.

See below:
I call the data and configure it to format as text

In the “No” condition I have erased the content to make it null:

But it keeps calling a line break on my frontend that fills my layout with a lot of unused space:

How can I collapse the block of text when it is null on that condition? Is there a way to hide his visibility in this situation?


I would do something like

Search for whatever:count is <1: format as text

For yes, your search: format as text

For no, empty or “no items in order”

You’ve got line breaks above and below each expression…

Take the line breaks out, and put the necessary line breaks in the ‘yes’ value instead.

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Thats it! I noticed that after you said. The problem was not with No condition, but with all the line_breaks in my texts. Thankyou!