Hide Floating header group on RG Scroll

I have a mobile page with a top floating header - with 2 groups inside, and a repeating group in the main area . How can I hide one of these nested groups in the floating header when repeating group is not the top result or in scroll?
Is it possible?

I haven’t used this option for anything, but there is a property “current page scrolling position” that returns the number of pixels between the top of the page and the current scroll position, and I think this might be able to help you, but the issue is going to be how do you know what scroll position in pixels you want to show or hide header, since that seems like it may not be constant, but maybe this gets you somewhere.

Alternatively, this plugin might also do what you’re looking for

Thanks Steve I’ll give this a shot when I can. At the moment bubble editor is horribly slow and I can’t do any work.

The behavior I’m trying to emulate is the same as in this forum when using mobile.

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