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Hide page with errors so I can push live

I have a new page that I’m working on that is an improvement of a current page. I have been copying this over from my current page but they come with missing references, workflows etc causing a lot of errors. Bubble doesn’t you push live when you have errors. Is there a way to hide this page so I can push live for other features I’ve been working on. I don’t want to delete this new page as it’s a work in progress.

There’s this post from 2017

Where clearly someone was asking the same question but no solution. It was also 5 years ago so maybe this has been implemented and I’m not aware of it?

Any tips?
Thanks in advance

Hello @paul29

Issues must be solved in order to push an app to live :pensive:

Thanks for the confirmation. That’s what I thought. Disappointing.

Hey @paul29 :wave:

You can disable the workflows if you want. Then those errors in the workflows will disappear until you enable them again.

I also heard that you can push to live when you turn off the error checker. I just prefer to disable workflows though.

Hope that helps. :blush:

Yah thanks for that thought. My problem is that most of the errors exist in conditionals and data sources of the elements themselves. Disabling the workflows is a small portion of all the errors.

Appreciate it.

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I can understand that @paul29. Makes sense.

You can try turning off the error checker if you are desperate. Idea - Turn Off Error Checker Button


Yah I could do that but I agree with you. It’s not ideal. Thanks again

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Resurfacing this!


is very handy!

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I like this. Thanks