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Hiding and Showing Groups (Pages). Navigation for Native App

Can someone PLEASE help me out. Every time I stack a group (page) on top of another group, the two groups combine instead of staying separate. What I am trying to do is simply Hide and Show different groups (pages) that are stacked on top of each other. There has to be a better way to navigate an app besides scrolling. Why can’t I stack groups if they’re the same size??

Are you hiding the previous group when the show the new group?
Are the group backgrounds set to “none” (transparent) or to “solid” (color)?


When you place groups on top of eachother, make sure you are not placing the group INSIDE of the one below it. A red outline shows what group you are placing an element in.

To make it easier, I usually make one of the groups hidden by using the ‘Eye’ in the element tab to make it not show up. The when you create or place the group it will not drop inside hidden groups.


Thank you all for the insight!! It’s functioning how I want it to now.

Oh yeah, that’s a good point too. I got so used to watching for that I forgot about it :slight_smile: