Hiding Chrome's No File Chosen in Bubble via Stack Overflow answer


Am looking at this Stack Overflow page to try to hide the No File Chosen browser message that displays in Chrome even if User doesn’t want to upload a file or already has uploaded a file. (I really don’t understand why Chrome does this!)

But there’s lots of answers on this page and I’m not sure where to start. @codurly / @mishav would you (or anyone else) know if JS could hide the tooltip using the Toolbox plugin in Bubble?

There is a better discussion linked to on that page…

You can use a html element to put the html and javascript in, and the styling can go into the page html header.

These hacks are notoriously hard to get working on all browsers and devices, good luck!

Thanks I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

I was on a major website the other day uploading a file and I saw that Chrome showed a tooltip there as well that I had not uploaded a file when I had. I guess if a major website can ignore that Chrome bug then I can too…

did you get hack working? @cowontherun

No, I decided if Chrome wanted to have a poor UI experience, that was on them, absolved myself of all responsibility!