Hiding some attributes of option sets on some users

can we hide some of the attributes of option sets on some users.


Option sets are public data, and no matter what you do, anybody can access them from the page’s inspect tool.

If the option set content is not sensitive and you would like to remove some option set content from the page for UI/UX reasons, then thats no problem. Use the :filtered operator to filter out some of the option sets.

If you are storing sensitive/private data and would like to hide it from users, thats not possible. Change approach.

i only want to hide the tab. let say i have a side panel for engineering(option set). under the engineering there are tabs(attributes) like preventive maintenance, project management, operation, work orders.

in some user i dont want them to see some tabs(attributes). let say user 1 cant see preventive maintenance tab, user 2 cant see operation tab a
nd so on.

is this possible. pls see attach pics.thanks

You should have an option set called Tab, and have Preventative Maintenance, Project Management, etc as options in that.

You can have an option set called Tab Category which has e.g Engineering, Finance.

On the Tab option set, have a Tab Category attribute. When displaying the tabs, display All Tabs:filtered This Tab’s Category is Engineering.

Yes thats a good approach. But I generally prefer to set the Category attribute to a list because oftentimes some tabs are shared between different roles. Would have to use the :contains operator instead of :is, but it works quite well.