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HIPAA Compliance - needed for COVID related nonprofit

Is there a way to make an app built in Bubble complaint with HIPAA? I have seen several posts about this but none recently. I would like to build an onboarding system for plasma donors. This plasma for people who have recovered from COVID is the current best lifesaver.

Any insight would be helpful and if we can get this done, it will increase the conversion rates of donation/collection centers and literally save lives.

FYI This is app is not being monetized in any shape or form.

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Hi @WillyG- I believe there is currently no way to build a fully HIPAA compliant application on Bubble. One thing you might know is that HIPAA enforcement has been relaxed for COVID-related things - see more info here. I’m not sure of the specifics of the new rules but could be worth looking into.

Thanks, @vlad. This is enough for me to move forward.

Hello @WillyG ,

As Vlad mentioned above: HIPAA dictates that all components of a service must be compliant in order for the product as a whole to meet requirements. Though certain sub-processors may be HIPAA compliant, the Bubble platform and internal company processes as a whole are not, so any applications built on Bubble will not meet compliance requirements. Therefore, we cannot recommend building applications that require HIPAA compliance on Bubble.

If you’re building an application geared towards COVID-19 recovery efforts, we do currently offer a special plan for these apps: please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information!


Thank you for the information. Does Bubble put the HIPAA compliant on their roadmap? if yes, when will that be roughly?

+1 on this question regarding HIPAA compliance. Has anything changed since last year on Bubble’s end that would help meet HIPAA requirements?