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[HIRED] Looking for a Stripe expert to help me implement a bulletproof subscription service

Platform already built, and I added a rudimentary Stripe implementation. However, the freelancer to hop in, check my work, add what’s missing and make sure it’s solid!

  • The customer can dynamically update their subscription (# of seats, similar to slack)
  • Subscriptions are autorenewing by nature with a 14 day trial (doesn’t need to add card to start trial)
  • We need to know if a card was rejected, accepted, inform the customer, update the status of this customer
  • Send invoices to the customer
  • If customer adds more seats, we need to update the subscription
  • Subscriptions are either monthly or yearly (price is discounted for yearly commitment)

Looking forward to working with you!

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Thank you to everyone that applied! We’ve selected our Freelancer, but are eager to work with many of you in the future. So much talent in this forum, love it!

I would suggest to implement the Stripe Self Service Portal, it’s sufficient to validate your MVP and for clients much easier to work with(from my opinion).

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Thanks for the suggestion but prefer to get it right by working with someone with experience. Don’t want to mess up while handling people’s money.