Hiring Bubble Dev (DB U/X Optimized/Security SaaS primary skills))


Wanted to provide enough detail in this post thanks for taking the time to read it.

  • I was going to outsource an agency but feeling out alternative means of hiring…
  • Project based (segmented in micro projects for faster payment to you) or a a weekly price point even to start to make thing easier for this first round.
  • Looking for someone more freelance who may fit this mold as well being more cost efficiency and just as experienced.
  • f you are trying to build your own dev team maybe this is a good fit as well. Just have a couple years of Database UX for bubble UI is great as well but foundation first…
  • I want someone I can grow into a more permanent role, once the app is released and waiting list is paid up we can continue with the roadmap to “refine, enhance, new features”. Right now its all about making the “Money happy” and getting this out to test and sooner but later release to the public.

Project Description
I am working on an app (responsive, flex, chrome based compatibility) and have come to the point where its best if I get a second pair of hands to get things moving faster.

High level… ROI Estimate tool for a niche vertical to start… Foundation for this however is multi tenancy CRM structure as this will be a sign up gateway, paywall, dashboard , ROI tool, export to CSV (plan for API integration essentially) implemented into a SaaS subscription model. Foundation needs to be there ready to enhance but for now ROI tool needs to be rolled out as the main focus and presented to my Partner then we connect the dots to the DB after (Gateway, CRM Features etc).

I have the prototype tested and in a spreadsheet will be easy to convert into Bubbles DB. (formula’s multi linked 5-6 tables with an end result table metrics/results). A lot of the math and and complexity is done I just need someone with DB skills to make this solid on the backend with responsible optimization, workflow best practices for security and privacy as well. After UI is secondary to these needed but still need someone with enough experience in the front end to roll out presentable. This is not a UI swap of Excel to ui tables. We want to sell the sizzle here…

UI will be important however if the foundation isn’t sound might as well sell a google sheet calculator… I am open to build off what you might have aka templates for elements etc speed to rolling this out it might be best this way (in regards to UI). If the template is DB heavy not interested… just bare necessities would be the type of templates good in this instance.

I believe in a lot of times a blank canvas is best but also utilizing segmented parts of templates is the way to go. Sometimes these templates are in your head works for me.

Style: * Bootstrap (whatever is easiest to apply built into bubble for example). Color Scheme, Logo Designed.

About me…
Over 20 years of Engineering experienced in web, IT, and Avionics. The last 7-10 years have been Consulting/Scaling SaaS Startups and love it… I have worked with outsourced devs from India, Pakistan, Philippines, and more. I am working later hours as well (US) in preparation to be more accommodating for your schedule (if needed).

Our Working Environment
I will be helping out and contribute not just “Oversee” If that makes sense. I want to be in the trenches utilizing each others strengths. This also helps me get acclimated with bubble.io and give me a second hand in areas needed as I move forward with streamlining this application to launch

In other words I am looking for someone to “bring in” not "hand off " my requirements… if that makes sense. Divide and Conquer where possible.

Actively interviewing to hire. If this sounds like something you would be a good fit for please let me know and would love to see your portfolio. English as a second language is no problem with me. We just need to be able to communicate on phone calls ,video conferencing etc. Also internet needs to be decent enough we aren’t freezing on screen-shares, crashing etc… Just be up front with your strengths weaknesses here and we should be fine. Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty goes a long way with me.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing back,

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