Hiring Bubble developer from Latvia (Riga)

Looking for Bubble developer from Latvia (preferably Riga) for part time or full time employment.

Ideal candidate with at least 1 year of Bubble experience and few years of other web design & development experience.

Please respond only those that are from Latvia.

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would be really hard to find someone really from latvia here on bubble forum… best of luck

what makes you say so? there are over 2million bubble developers(in various levels of expertise) if I am not wrong

you aren’t wrong…that’s why i said best of luck :ok_hand:

Well that is my preferred choice as I am myself located in Riga, Latvia. And all I need is one to few devs. Thanks for the good words! :slight_smile:

Guess what - I’m Bubble expert with 4+ years in Bubble and I’m from Latvia! :slight_smile:

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Wrote a PM.