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Hiring UI/UX Design expert. Pays per Page/Feature


I am looking to hire a freelancer who is willing to get paid per page/feature as completed (only the design! functionality is already completed) Currently, I have over 20 features/pages for which I have working nicely and designed fairly well, but the user experience and interface needs to be perfect… to the extent of feeling simple and natural (as if they’ve been doing it their whole lives, from the moment they sign-up.)

Each project will be visually demonstrated via screen sharing through Teams or Zoom, and I will answer any questions as needed, along with provide my desired objectives. There will be times when I will not know what is missing, and you will need to figure it out. I will happily review/revise as needed/requested and provide feedback until I am satisfied. Upon completion and delivery of prototype edit access, I will instantly make payment via PayPal or similar method at the amount accepted before the project started. To clarify, each project will be based on a bid. I will have a few others who may provide better bids but have different quality results, and I will choose based on both - who will take the project.

To apply for this recurring opportunity, please reply to the following:

"Feature: Project Tasks, as a home page. Needs to be similar to the following image but with “actions” available for clicking as needed. This view is specific to the user, not team, and will show all tasks relevant to the user in order of priority. Additionally, simplified examples of separate screens will need to be included if the actions include navigation or popup forms…

In your “application response” I ask that you provide a bid for the project scenario description provided above, and a link to some of your work (hopefully, a portfolio). This bid and your work will allow me to choose the top 3-5 candidates who will help with the 20+ projects in queue, and then could be hired near the completion of said 20 projects, as a full-time UI/UX Designer for my company.

Please provide an email/phone to contact you directly. I will need a steady form of quick communication, whichever option that may be as long as I can reach you instantly.

I am also happy to answer any questions as needed.

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Hi @brandonhanson0

I am interested in this project, lets connect over skype: live:.cid.e9e0aac23ad8acf4


You can pick me