Hosting with bubble NEED URGENT HELP!

Need urgent help with hosting i bought a domain from go daddy and theyre asking to fill in the host section what should i write for host ? thank you.

also another thing im trying to add the api’s for both geo code and maps and i have the geo code one but which one is the api for maps whats the exact name since there are so many all with maps and have the same api as for geo code.

thank you so much

Hey there!

Check out the manual chapters for Configuring DNS records and Setting up Google API. Do feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions!

i have but no response.


Do note that it does take some time for our team to address tickets; I do see an email from you in our inbox, so you should have a response there before EoD.

i have followed the instructions on the link you sent and created 2 new api keys and it still wont work.

still no response from bubble

im still having great difficulty

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