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This is not just another template. It is a fully functioning web application.

Housekeeper template is the first in a series of templates for service professionals to connect with employers.

It is fully responsive, equipped with payment system, extensive set of emails to communicate with users, fully functioning customer support email system and so much more.

The documentation includes over 35 pages outlining every detail of the app data types, option-sets, pages, reusable elements and backend workflows.

Additionally, there are 24 videos with more than 6 hours of run time outlining every page and reusable element as well as how to set up Stripe subscriptions.


  • Landing Page
  • Payment System
  • Responsive Design
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Customer Support Email System
  • App Owner Admin Dashboard
  • Provider Search
  • Employer Search
  • Help-Center (68 Articles)
  • Frictionless On-Boarding Flow
  • User Admin Page
  • Extensive Set of Email Communications
  • Email Unsubscribe
  • User Recommendations
  • Email Verification
  • Phone Verification
  • Responsive Header
  • Responsive Footer
  • Over 25,000 USA cities & towns in D.B.

Check out the extensive Documentation at:

For video documentation please view the links on the documentation pages at the link above. All video links are provided in the corresponding page, option-set or reusable element area of the document.

For a quick video introduction to the app please view the videos at:

Sign Up / Subscribe / Edit Profile -

Landing Page / Footer -

App Owner Admin / Help Center -

Demonstration Log-In Credentials:

Demo-Provider: Email ( Password (demo)

Demo-Employer: Email ( Password (demo)

Application-Owner: Email ( Password (demo)

This template is sold “as is”. Any customizations would require the template purchaser to implement or the hiring of a freelancer. Template Provider does offer customization services. Any inquiries for customization services should be sent to

In the case of any bugs, please contact and a fix will be deployed ASAP. In the case of any bugs reported that are the responsibility of bubble, the template purchaser will need to coordinate with Bubble support.

Support for development and customizations is limited to the extensive documentation and videos provided.

An intermediate experience level of Bubble is recommended for users who wish to customize the template. A beginner Bubbler can purchase the template and launch a business in a single day without a need to customize the template.


Well done Matt, this does indeed look very comprehensive.

Really impressive level of documentation. Super professional! :muscle:t2:

@nomorecode and @philledille thanks for the kind words

Since I’m involved in quite a few apps continuously I need a fast way to find specific info when coming back into an app, reducing time to remember and the possibility of making misstakes due to not remembering important concepts and dependencies.

So of course I built an app for this. I would love your professional take on it.

Cheers, Peter

That is really cool. Would definitely make things a lot easier, especially for teams or larger complicated apps.

Print function is awesome.

Only things that I could suggest is to ensure there is an easy way to use the URL to pull up all relevant data so that in the bubble editor you could add a link to the Notes section of the elements/pages/workflows etc… that would take you directly to the relevant area.

Also, is it set up to provide the app owner upon delivery access as they might find it more convenient as well compared to reading through a document - maybe without the functionality for creating new areas, documents and links, just so they could have another method of learning about the application?

Thanks so much, @boston85719 for your valuable feedback!

On pull up relevant data, I interpret you as you want to paste a link to a snippet inside the Bubble Editor? I’ve put in a share button that copies a snippet’s link to the clipboard. But, maybe that’s not what you mean and I can improve in some way?

On limiting app owner to only viewing - brilliant.

Thanks again.

That is what I am talking about.

Gr8 - thanks!

Just launched another in a series of apps for freelance service professionals.

The series of apps can be purchased and combined to create a ‘family of apps’ similar to the CareGuide family of apps, a multi-million dollar company.