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Hover Popup in Repeatgroups

I want to create a hover function.
Every time someone hovers on the image in a repeat group a small popup with user info should appear. How do I create such a hover popup?
Should I make use of a Popup, Floating Group, or Group Focus?

Thanks for the help :heart:

If you want a popup use a popup. Floating Group is not necessary. Group Focus allows you to place the group where you want it and is best for R.G. menus, so may be for this as well.

  1. Put image element in R.G.
  2. Set a conditional workflow event for when the image is hovered.
  3. Show group focus
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I’m not able to use the Image within the RG as a reference for Group focus. How do I go about with this?

the way I do it is to put the Group Focus inside a reusable element, which contains the image. Click on the profile images in this link, that’s exactly what I did there.


That’s really nice! Any chance of being able to see the editor?

Hi, I’ve tried to do this but it didn’t work for me. I have been able to create a popup on click of an icon, not ideal, I want hover.

I don’t want to mess about creating a reuseable group for my RG, I have many SortBy custom states and more that I don’t want to have to redo. Is there an update on the best way to have a popup/group focus on hover in an RG?

Should be able to create a conditional trigger based on when the icon is hovered to show the popup.

Hi Boston, I’d like to be able to do that, but I get nothing but the usual options on my conditional…

So we’re talking about an icon, within a group in an RG cell and it’s conditional formatting…? Not on a workflow…?

Try this:

Create another group in the RG - “Group hover trigger”. Throw it in a corner of the RG, make it transparent, and make it 1x1px. We don’t need to actually see it, we just need to conditionally show/hide it. Don’t show it on page load.

  1. Give it a conditional statement:
  • When Icon fa fa-bolt is hovered
  • This element is visible.
  1. Create some workflows that recognizes when Group hover trigger is visible & show/hide the group focus as necessary:
  • (when a condition is true (every time)) When Group hover trigger is visible and [insert group focus] isn’t visible, show [insert group focus]
  • (when a condition is true (every time)) When Group hover trigger isn’t visible and [insert group focus] is visible, hide [insert group focus].