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How bubble can help those,who can't do it even it looks simple,how they can benefit from it

Please pick a subcategory to help organize the information. Thanks!

Also, the more context you provide with your questions (screenshots, link to an open app, etc.), the more likely you’ll get good help quickly :slight_smile:

Is there a question here? It looks like your post went live with the placeholder content instead of what you wanted to type. Can you explain what you’re looking for? Thanks!

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Sorry and thank you
Actually I need someone to develop a Mobile app and web for me

Gotcha. There are several independent freelancers and dev companies that specialize in Bubble apps on these forums. I’d search for Cobubble, Airdev, Bubblewits to get started. It might also be worth changing the title of this thread to something like, “Looking to Hire Bubble Developer” so interested people click on it. Good luck!

Just saw you started another thread. Closing this one.

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