How can I create a workflow to import directly from excel to Bubble

Is it possible to allow for a user to import his previous data in csv format into an app created on Bubble? The user does not have access to the editor. Is there a way to create a workflow that will do this? If I add a button like ‘import data in csv format’ or something, how can I structure the workflow so that once the data comes in, the app will just show all the pre-existing information? Thanks for your help.

Hey, @BeeBayLearnDev111,

Yes, you can use the action Upload data as a CSV :slight_smile: :computer:

Thanks for this.

This will require uploading directly to the database.

But my users will be having no access to my database.

Yep, I am also facing the same problem. We need a suitable solution, not this one.

No, there is an action literally called Upload data as a CSV, where users through a File Uploader, they can upload a CSV that is converted to a Data Type.

This is the correct link:

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Thank you so much .

It worked.